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Energy Management Services Company

MultiLogic Energy Solutions Inc. is a leading energy management services firm delivering energy savings to the multi-residential industry across Canada.

Specializing in energy efficient lighting solutions, our turnkey services include: government incentive approvals, audits, project installations, permits, and green disposal services.

We also deliver an energy education program to residents and property management staff to reinforce a culture of conservation in the communities we serve.

Together with our customers, we’ve eliminated millions of pounds of greenhouse gases.


  • Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA)
  • Waterloo Regional Apartment Management Association (WRAMA)
  • Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO)
  • London Property Management Association (LPMA)
  • Greater Toronto Apartment Association (GTAA)
  • Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization (EOLO)
  • Hamilton & District Apartment Association (HDAA)


MultiLogic's depth of property management experience, engineering expertise and technical knowledge sets us apart. We are committed to providing our customers the highest levels of service and support.

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions


Bob McKellar is one of the leading engineers in lighting design and energy savings in Canada. Bob has over 25 years of experience in energy services and has extensive expertise implementing and monitoring energy management projects in commercial, industrial and multi-residential markets. His career includes various senior management roles at Ontario Hydro where he led the design and implementation of the Demand Management Program. During his tenure at Ontario Hydro, Bob earned the President's Award for Customer Excellence.


LED Retrofit Toronto


Peter Mills serves as Managing Director and has extensive knowledge of the rental housing industry and energy management services. Peter also serves as Co-CEO of Wyse Meter Solutions, providing submetering services to new and existing high-density residential buildings, condominiums & commercial buildings. He has over 20 years of experience delivering energy management projects to over 300,000 multi-residential units across Canada. Prior to entering the private sector, Peter served, for ten years, in various senior marketing and development roles at Ontario Hydro.


Commercial Electrical Services


Lucy Fialho-Nobrega manages administration, including all aspects of the government incentive process on behalf of multi-residential customers. Lucy’s incentive processing expertise has been commended for its efficiency and accuracy by large LDCs, including Toronto Hydro. She is also highly skilled in client relations and works to ensures the smooth delivery of energy management projects.


Energy Audit Services


Daniel is a Certified Energy Manager and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. For over 10 years he has developed a diverse background of consulting, and engineering skill throughout the industry. His technical and analytical attitude, strong management skills, and collaborative attitude, ensures customer satisfaction. In the role of Project Specialist, Daniel uses his expertise to ensure accurate energy/lighting audits, identification of energy efficiency measures, and implementation of the most cost effective solutions, while ensuring applicable codes and standards are met. His goal is to provide the best solution for the client and put all the necessary effort to guarantee customer satisfaction, and an outstanding result throughout the construction/installation phase.

Electrical Contractors Toronto


Rob De Chiara is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of business development and management experience in the energy industry. Rob began his career with Direct Energy Business Solutions as a trusted advisor to customers by offering a full suite of energy solutions from natural gas and electricity hedging strategies to HVAC and building automation software customization. Since then, Rob has taken on many leadership roles and has led many sales teams to consistently exceed company targets. Rob brings to MultiLogic Energy Solutions Inc, knowledge of LED solutions and works hard at building and maintaining strong customer relationships, giving customers “peace of mind” when working through the retrofit process.


Our valued customers include the premier property managers and building owners in the Canadian multi-residential industry.

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